How we forgive is an important sign of if we feel forgiven. Last night in the opera Sour Angelica you can tell the main character Angelica feels forgiven for having a child out of wedlock. Her aunt, the princess, continues to remind her of her sin when she visits. Even leaving her totally alone when she breaks the news that her son has died. The placement of the characters so far away from one another really accentuates how alone Angelica is. 

We can't claim someone is forgiven and then condemn them to he reminded constantly of their sin like it was yesterday and in Angelica's case seven years ago. Holding onto it and labeling someone for the rest of their life only shows how we feel forgiven. If we can hold this against someone we are not in touch with the richness of God's mercy and love. 

Try to see what the barrier is in your own life, kind of seeing the log in your eye first. What holds you so tightly to be condemning? Do you need forgiveness and believe it is not there for you? What is the hook that keeps you weighted down? Release it. God does that for all God's children.