What does it mean to let go of the weight,
That drags you down inside?
What does it mean not to travel
Day by day nursing the injury?
Constantly feeding every bad and negative thought.
Constantly nursing all the reasons you are right.
We remove ourselves from identity,
We stand on the far shore of hurt
On our own island making it more and more
Fearful, silent, alone, scary, sheltered.
No one is allowed to share in this.
No one has known our injury.
All it fosters is terrible beasts,
A jungle of unkindness where we never rest
Afraid of not feeling hurt, not feeling wronged.
Unless we see with different eyes
We will die in this untamed jungle
Love calls us deeper, moves us further
Onto peaceful places we can't even
Imagine that they exist
We have convinced ourselves
They don't and we retreat further into
The brush. To hide from the very
Healing we are looking for.
Because we believe healing comes in revenge.
Yet that is not healing when we finally encounter it.
Healing only comes through the love of surrender.
Through the binding up of our wounds and sailing
Away from the lone jungle we have built.
Will you decide to sail away from the prison you have built?
Take a chance on the sea of forgiveness,
Which leads to a paradise unimagined.