Change comes in many different forms. 
Not all changes are positive, so each suggestion has to be evaluated. 
What benefits the whole? How does this affect community?
Is this only for one person or for the whole?
Does it make us more who we want to become?
See the Holy Spirits wanderings often help us to grow. 
It would be a growth as a community benefiting the whole and not a part. 
It is always a growth inside of us that makes us 
More truly who we are becoming and not the image of someone 
Or something else not a part of the true picture. 
Community is a thing we build a continuing of hard effort. 
Built on a foundation of love for each part. 
This makes it's growth cumbersome at times. 
Change can seem to be a thing we don't want to embrace. 
Yet if we don't we never see the change happening within us. 
Because it comes and grows with or without our notice. 
The challenge is to see and name it and try it on for size. 
Is it the path where God leads us or are we wandering away?