Violation and violence are wound together.
Part of the same branch, dividing community
because the deed is so deep and the wounds are from
long ago. They have never healed because their voices
are constantly being snatched away from this community.
Their truth is not known or heard, so the violation continues.
Bringing it back to the brink of violence because of anger at
being silenced, because we think we can do as we want
to them and expect no reaction.
Tamar was a strong women, the daughter of David,
a princess, a beautiful woman. So beautiful it brought the
unwanted attention of her brother and he took what he wanted.
Being a kings son, a firstborn. The fracture off community was
a division in the house of David that brought more violence.
Because the story was silenced, even when Tamar showed
the truth of it. She was not afraid to say what had happened,
To mourn it openly in the street. Her father just didn't dare
to do anything to his son, never mind his daughter.
After all she is only a woman.