The women go to the tomb in Mark's gospel, but something strange happens at the end of this if we truly take Mark 16 to the original ending which is verse 8. The women leave in such amazement and fear by the man's message to them they tell no one. Do we do the same thing? Leave from Easter day, go back to our regular days routine and never look for, witness to, expect we will see, find, or experience Jesus.

The treasures of heaven are things we have to look for, things we have to become attuned to. They are not the easiest to find and they require some work on our part, whether that means listening deeply, taking time to be still, or daring to speak about our experiences with others. Sometimes we get bound up in the fear of what it will cost us. The rewards are much greater and they bring us to a renewal we couldn't have even foreseen.

Jesus, open the tombs of our hearts to be a vessel of resurrection discoveries. May we find the treasures of the day and not be afraid of what it might cost us. Make us sensitive to the times when you are speaking to us, so that we may store up the treasures of our hearts in the things of heaven. Help us along these paths of discovery in courage, strength, and being still. Amen.