Holy Week starts at the home of friends. Jesus is in the home of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary having dinner with his disciples and friends (John 12:1-11) and Mary anoints Jesus' feet with very costly perfumes and wipes it with her hair, the smell of it fills the house. I like the image of the scent overtaking the whole house, maybe it lingered for days.

In Maine there was a wonderful shop for clothes and every time I bought a dress from there the wonderful smells of the shop came home with it. They would fade in time, but opening the bag, wearing the dress for the first time everyone knew where it came from. It was a wonderful treat to be so filled with the wonderful smell.

I wonder if this might represent the way the Holy Spirit fills us. It is costly because it requires us to surrender time, rationality, space in order to recognize the indwelling. It fills us to overflowing when we do dare to fall into the flowing space. It also, touches those around us because we can't help but operate out of God's economy of love, mercy, and joy. May we dare to slow down and allow the Spirit purchase because she is an old and dear friend.