It seems that we are much too willing to put distance between each other if we don't see eye to eye. We fight, say mean things, and then walk off in the opposite direction. Our focus seems to be only on ourselves, our hurt, our ideas, our way of doing things and not working together for any greater good, or looking at the whole picture. This is what Jesus is saying today in Mark. Some Pharisees came to him on the issue of divorce and Jesus responds that their "hardness of heart" is the only reason that the law exists (Mark 10:1-16). Then the children want to come and see him and the disciples block them, but Jesus tells them to let them come.

Jesus wants to open up the way to him, a way for all. With the divorce part he is explaining how one person forgets the other, doesn't see them, only sees the wrong that's been done whether it is real or imagined. With the children he is opening wide his arms in patience, in play, in not turning away curiosity or questions because you might miss the kingdom of heaven.

Why do we think any less is expected of us? Why do we choose to hold onto hurt and not notice the hurt in the other? Why do we not look deeper to the goal and the heart of the matter. Jesus calls us to do this, it was what God called Israel to do. Can we accept the call?