The clouds threaten to overtake the sky.
They leave a yawning entrance for the sun to first
Shine through, like an empty tomb.
Displayed for a moment and gone
After it has risen to the sky.
Such a fragile thing lost.
News today from a friend, a brother
Begging for prayer as fresh violence comes
And his babe is only seven months old.
The storms of violence threaten to
overtake the country again.
Such a fragile thing, will it be lost?
Prayer is the only thing to lend ourselves
Peace comes at a high cost. We've seen that
Time and again. How do you unlearn years
of war? How do you restart without
Resentment, with reconciliation?
It all takes fragile time.
Pray and pray more for the fragile
Sacred things of earth, which might be
given a chance to grow, if grafted into
the love of the vinedresser, who knows where
to prune us carefully, tenderly caring
for fragile things.