It's all right to drift out on the sea, but when the waves toss
You feel the storms power against the tiny craft
You need the guide amidst the shaking, trembling crash
The One who grounds You in a tiny voice that says look harder within
Around You lies the answer to Your questioning doubts
It buoys You in the wild toss and spray of storm,
In the howl of the wind revealing voices which say You are small
Of no value in the center of it's power and yet the small
Comfort in the familiar compass says differently
Blowing in gentle breezes You are, You can, You do
Until You find You're not alone and the waves have stopped their tossing
Because You have heard the voice that loves You
It is more powerful than the storm which threatens to overcome You
It is the unlikely power of God sent in the smallest, quietest, lulling wave.