Not enough

There is not enough here to feed so many,
turn them away, send them home.
Be realistic, don't hope for more
it is impossible.
Jesus listens to none of it.
We listen all to readily,
even though we know the story.
Faith demands us to listen,
To believe, to trust, to hope
Broken, we all have to be broken,
Just as Jesus breaks the bread and blesses it.
Transforming it from one loaf
Into bread to feed 5000.
We are broken transformed
From being doubters into trusters
keepers of the faith, believers in the
unthinkable. Without being broken
we only see the limitations that confine us.
Broken we see the transformation
of a limited, finite being into God's vast
possibilities because in being broken open
we are blessed for others and we are
never quite the same.