Attracted by the life you bring within your shores,
they come to partake, play, build, hunt, and make a life.
They don't realize the danger held within your grip.
Changing currents, times of flood wiping out all traceable
landmarks and changing your direction and flow.
It creates new deeper channels and recreates the
life along your banks. Washing away the silt and
leaving sturdier rocks shaped and formed by the
flow and the battering of what you carry.
Reformed into new pieces the weakest parts
carried off to feed new spots. Creating and recreating
each new year. A never ending cycle on display.
It makes me wonder why we fear losing parts,
why we fear small deaths that can wash us anew
and reshape our being. They are just a part of the
wanderings of the river. Not always holding us in safety
yet always in danger of bringing something new to life.