The divides and rifts of differences I am feeling profoundly this week.  When did we become so divided by right looks, right ways, right associations that we forget, ignore the call to be healers, the call to be lovers of the soul?  Isn't this what lent is about?

We stand apart holding tight to our differences like they mattered most.  We forget the gospel of God's love in the world. We expect people to be islands of the faith when community is what we were founded on.  It is all to our own detriment, our own blindness, our own lack of depth.

So we run our own little islands hoping they will grow and wondering why they don't. Forgetting to sprinkle any healing balm between us. We are lost in the gap, adrift on a vast ocean, in the desert sands and our prayer is when, o God, when will we grow this island. We don't do this on our own. It is not until we can reach out the hand of faith that we might grow to see the depth of love for God's broken community.