Because of her

This is supposed to be the most remembered story of Jesus' career.
Where a woman of ill repute comes in and anoints his feet,
at Simon, the Pharisee's house. We never get her name,
or her story, we don't know why she is less than respectable,
a sinner is her only title. Yet Jesus reaches beyond all
the judgment to truly see her. He forgives her by allowing
her touch, her tears, her devotion in tears and perfume.
In another gospel she is not a sinner and it is said that
Her act will be remembered and retold abundantly.
Yet we don't often hear of her or speak
of her act of devotion and love.
Abundantly poured, just like Jesus pours out
God's forgiveness and acceptance back to her.
It is the one thing we should emphasize.
The abundance of God's grace and mercy,
which we should freely give, but don't
because we believe it is rationed
to those who deserve it.
Those who lead unquestionable lives
and we are lost to the storms
of miserly granting it.
As if it was something of this earth
which can be corrupted and die.
We forget its everlasting power
limiting its effectiveness
In a