The air has changed. When the temperature would dip you know its going to be cold again, the cold of winter. These past few days at night you can feel the cool of spring air, not winter. The flowers are blooming all around us.

I met a man who came to check on the food pantry hours and was walking the neighborhood trying to see the blooming flowers. His description of where exactly each bunch was, their color, what kind of flower, and the detail he knew even of the ones he didn't know displayed his love of this adventure. While we met at the church last night I saw him walking by again. A chance encounter that I would have missed had I not opened the door and asked if he needed help.

The man reminded me of God. He knows all about is, which neighborhood we live in, our mood, our troubles, our sorrows, our love. God walks our neighborhood watching for the signs of our own growth. A new discovery, study in the Bible, opening our hearts and minds to another to experience God. A chance encounter only because I opened a door, not only to the church, in me. Do you open the door to God?