Today's scripture is from John 7:53-8:11.  It is about the woman caught in adultery.  The leaders bring her to Jesus and never speak her name, never show her any gentleness, but objectify her so that doing violence to her would be easy.  When they present her they even compare her to any women who have done this before deserving the sentence of stoning.

There is much speculation on what Jesus wrote in the sand, some say it is the men's sins or the name of the man she was caught with.  Today I'd like to think it was her name.  Jesus never objectified anyone.  The woman here is brought into conversation about who accuses her once all the violent men have left.  This treats her with respect as an equal to carry on a conversation with her before Jesus says he doesn't condemn her either.

Yesterday we received prayers for each day from the Diocese of Missouri for those in the Episcopal Church in Sudan.  Specifically for those in the conflict in South Sudan.  It is easy for us to objectify the people who are suffering if we have never been there, don't know anyone, or just hear our information through the news.  It is much harder when you start hearing the names.  These prayers contain names of those who were killed, put in mass graves, a child who has been kidnapped. 
So today I pray for my bothers who I taught in class as much as they taught me.  For Noel, John, Bonforce, Ismail, Kennth, Gibson, Evance, Joseph, and Rachel.  For my sisters Maura and Ruth.  For the one who is properly named Isaac and for Bishop Stephen and John, Otim, and Vasco.  I pray for their continued safety, for guidance and sustenance through the troubles.  For people to know their names and to know there are real people caught in this conflict.  Never forget this.