Today's scripture is from John 6:41-51 where Jesus says he is the bread of life. We were in the emergency room. These weren't separate areas, it was only separated by a curtain, which meant there were times when others overheard your conversation with the patient in the bed. Its hard because we believe in privacy and its especially hard if your the chaplain and are talking about religion or any number of things.

One day as I was doing my rounds I walked into a cubicle and started a brief conversation with the people there. At one point the patient and family burst into song.  I don't remember what. prompted it, but they started singing "I am the Bread of Life" and the curtain pulled away and the people in the next bed joined in.  It was a communal moment. Especially at a hospital in a city.  These people didn't know each other, but were drawn into community by this song.  It was a holy moment. 

I think this is what Jesus is trying to convey in the passage today.  We are a community when we are drawn together by the Bread of Life. Some of the most profound and holy moments we encounter are when we are drawn to strangers because of an action or word which symbolizes the sacred. We all need these profound and holy moments.  We also need to be open to the Spirits moving so that we may join the song.