Today is the day of unfulfilled hopes
a day when something has slipped away 
into peaceful oblivion and no one knows why.

We are left with all the questions
empty questions asked into air
which blows away into the empty sky.

Baby's breath and touch not known.
All the hope within us poured down
into tears of grief and loss.

The tender touch of unfulfilled hope
drowns out all the rest the sparkle,
the shine, all dim without light.

Lost on the air of and edge of holy loss,
is this the way the women felt who lost
their children in the streets by the soldiers?

At least they had the comfort of a touch,
a taste of the person, this is left with
the nothingness of much that is gone.

Never to be experienced this time
and this day will be marked in the lives
of two forever lost and caught in God's hand.