New day

I'm already seeing postings about New Years.  What better way to start it, what better way to make a resolution, and how awful 2013 has been are all of a sampling of what is out there this morning.  Starting anew offers us challenges and that's what it is to make a resolution we might keep.

This morning I read the story of the paralytic who sits beside the pool waiting for the waters to stir and tries to be first in the waters for healing and never makes it (John 5:1-15).  He tells this to Jesus and Jesus heals him.  He doesn't wait around for the waters to move, doesn't offer him something to eat, he just heals him.  Right away on the Sabbath day.  The man then takes up his mat and walks away (with a little questioning from the religious officials of course).

The man is then put on a new course in life.  One that is not set by waiting at the pool and yet he seems to hang around a bit to find out who it was that healed him and report this back to the religious officials.  Breaking patterns and starting in new ways is not easy.  Sometimes we go back to the things which are familiar and bring a sense of comfort to us because we miss being there.  Either we become stuck or we move forward and onto new things. 

May we come to the New Year seeking new ways of being in our worlds and be kind to ourselves when we fall short.  Everything is possible if we are kind and don't give up.  We can begin to make our way forward and explore those new possibilities in our lives.