Lifting up

My heart is a long way away today.  Maybe it is because of the news reports.  Maybe it is because I am fascinated by thinking of "lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things..." (Luke 1:52b-53a).  What might that mean to us if we really took these words as the gift of Christmas?  How might it change our giving or our thoughts toward others.

See our whole lives are a gift.  As I think about another country and another place where there is no guarantee of safety for your body, your life, your crops, or your home the gospel comes to life.  It is very real to be kind to others, to give of your own food, your own home, raise up one anothers children.  Christmas (I have heard) is such a different celebration in Lui South Sudan.  This day means a feast day people travel from far away in the bush and come to Fraser Cathedral in Lui.  They come knowing they will be fed, housed, taken care of.  Yet it must all be so much harder this year with the threat of violence. 

We live in relative safety here.  Neither do we risk much, neither do we give of our homes, our food, or shelter to others yet there will be those who are hungry this day, there will be those who are homeless, there will be those who are starved to know and encounter God's love and kindness as gift.  May we risk more in order to give the true gifts of Christmas.  Reach outside of ourselves, our comfort zones, and ask someone who is hungry to enjoy a meal, or seek shelter for someone who is cold.  May our lives mirror the words of Mary's song and promise to the world.

Drying sim sim (seasame) and corn in Lui