All the frail, small, fragile images are coming to me today.
Maybe its because our lives are so fragile.
Or because those threads of web break when walked through,
or frail, feeble words do not encompass or hold big things.
Thinking of the Christmas story and how Jesus was entrusted
to live as one of us, a weak small form.  Came in the stable
to rough simple people.  Came to us and had to go through 
all of the things we do and survive for ministry.
Yet God sent him to us, with our small faith, our little abilities,
our feeble attempts to encapsulate the holy into words.
So all the things that break, that are frail, small, fragile
are caught up in holy ground which we can't see, or hold.
Yet we try to pin it to the earth and find the old song with
its tender chords, bitter strains, harmonic resolutions
cannot be bound to this earth, to these words we hold so dear.
They are too fragile to hold and yet so strong they endure.
Blending and ringing into the world around us.
Bringing the sacred strain to earths shores only to 
rest for a moment on the stable ground before
soaring into the gentle heavens.  Showing us loves
fragile shores are stronger than we know or
feeble words can weave.