There were tears last night.  As my friend advised me to let them out i realized how much they were mixed with so many other things.  Thoughts of my friend and missing our meeting in person came.  Thoughts of Noel, Ruth & Maura, Ismael from Lui came.  Then thoughts of the two funerals i have done in the past two weeks.  How one time Ron didn't want me to leave, how we prayed over Bob all of these come in holy tears. 

Even Jesus cries or pulls away to be alone from the crowds.  He needs his time to reflect, mourn, be away from it all and communion with God.  The thing, i think it shows us is that we need God time in the midst of all our sorrows, all our busy living, all our life.  What kind of time have You taken to be with God?  Especially before a season which becomes so busy and filled that we can't find our own way to God.  Take time to think about the treasures which come with being in silence.  Just a few minutes.  They will be the treasure of the coming season and much blessing in the days ahead.