Solemn Joy

Today I am sitting out on our deck in Van Buren enjoying the warm day. I'm sitting here in sleeveless pjs and enjoying the view. I have seen three bald eagles today, a sacred sign. They flew over the lake and there was a lot of commotion. After all we have ducks here. I have raked many leaves and am now just relaxing. 

There is deep beauty in enjoying the silence all around. Just hearing the wind, squirrels, an occasional car and the sound of the kids watching a Harry Potter marathon. Amidst all this there is deep joy. 

I haven't gone shopping, don't care too. I haven't listened to the pleas of go out early and often. The best gifts are surrounding me here. With my family enjoying food, leaf jumping, the view. Everything sings of the possibility of richness within and that is the best gift of all.