The simple things are the ones that bring out the best of life.  Stopping to see the little beads of dew on the grass or the raindrops on a leaf.  Checking for the deer tracks or other animal tracks and being quiet enough to see them in the woods.  Spending time with someone, just taking the time to talk and share.  The beauty of the sun rising or setting.  These are all simple things and are even better shared with someone. 

We try to complicate things most of the time.  Make it hard to come to God, make it difficult to slow down and spend time with people, fill our lives with more and more things to do and we miss the simple things.  Getting down on the ground to the level of a toddler and sharing a little talk or a kiss.  Sharing food and laughter with a group of friends. 

I am grateful for the simple moments.
When I am caught by surprise 
by the encounter with the sacred 
in everyday moments.
Filled with grace and love,
abounding in the goodness of
heaven come down to greet
if we only slow down to look,
listen, enjoy a simple pleasure.
Caught in the day to light 
our way when things are 
difficult, complicated, and hard.
So delight in the pleasure of
what is present around you.
Never taking for granted God's
simple gift given in the wind
of a breath it is gone for the
moment and we might lose
it forever if we don't look.