God's steadfast love

Today Jesus is in a question with a trap from the Sauducees (Luke 20:27-38). They are dividing hairs about who a woman would be married to, at the resurrection, if she had married seven brothers. Jesus responds by telling them they have asked the wrong question.  They seem to have forgotten that God's ways are not our ways. 

A resurrection hope is what we need one that realizes what is most important is God's steadfast love.  This is what we see from the prophet Haggai in the Old Testament reading. The people are reminded about God's promise to them from out of the land if Egypt, not Babylon. They are reminded again of how they were slaves and connected to that is their relationship with others. 

Remember what that was like and treat others accordingly. Maybe it is because we are so far from that ourselves that we forget or tame the hope of the resurrection. If we did remember would it encourage us to live differently?  

This hope into which we are baptized into Christ's death and then risen to new life, do we live into that newness or do we continue with our normal way of life?  Do we dig deeper into the hard questions that bother us and might even transform us?  May we think of the resurrection hope as something to be lived out in wild abandon.