Do you understand the race you run?
Do you know the endurance with which
you need inside and out to finish the course?
Do you realize what it will ask of you,
demand of you to see and learn?
Do you know how many pathways
you will follow to dead ends,
only to turn around and begin again?
Can you see the pitfalls and sink holes
which might threaten to swallow hope,
joy, love and avoid them or limp on 
after falling in gaining strength
with each step forward you take?
Do you choose to get up again
and again pushing on toward
some unknown goal which
calls you forth into more
unknown territory?
This is the race of life.
We never know what unknown
pathways will diverge.
Yet if taken they may lead
to unexpected shores of rest.
Retreat for the soul.
If we run with endurance
the race.