We all yearn to belong.  Jesus knew that and when the crowds continually followed him he had compassion on them instead of turning them away (Matthew 15:32).  We act as though there is a limit or a bar to be put up with those we let in.  As though God's grace is a scarce commodity and we are the keepers of the gate.

It is sad to act this way.  I think this was part of the reason Jesus was eventually crucified.  He actively showed God's grace to all people and on top of that didn't keep the gate up on how they got into the club.  Think of the story of the healed paralytic, or the woman at the well, or the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her hair, or the blind man, or well I think your getting the picture.  Jesus didn't put a gate up to show the limits of God's love he freely gave God's love out.

This is worth dying for because people so yearn to belong to a community.  We all have wanted to belong ever since we are born.  We don't thrive if our mother or father ignores us, we yearn for touch, to be held in someone's arms, to feel safe and be once again in that protective womb.  There is a verse in Jeremiah which speaks of God's womb love for his people.  It is quite and image to be that loved.  May we never forget we are that loved and freely give that love away because the abundance of it has filled our hearts.