A child

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook that she was enjoying a glass of wine while the kids played.  Her son came to her and asked "Mommy, did you steal the blood of Christ from church?"  It is such a cute scene, it is also deep.  The son understands completely the significance of a cup of wine and that it is Christ we are remembering when we drink together.

Today we read in Matthew 18:1-9 that Jesus says the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is a child.  I think it is because they grasp certain things and express them deeply.  We sometimes don't pay attention to children and what their games of play are.  Yet they do reveal deep mysteries and ways of looking at the world if we pay attention.  Their trust in others is not jaded yet and they trust their parents to listen to their questions of wonder at the world.  Daring to ask hard questions about it in order to understand and they are not afraid others will look at them as any less.

Faith is like this.  We need to dare to express the deeper questions we have.  Risking they are not dumb, risking that we can trust others, risking to say something which might reveal a deeper truth.  Let us all become children and risk trusting in God.