Solid ground

Solid ground is something we yearn for. We don't like things when it is uncertain and we don't know what might be up on the road ahead. I think this is what Jesus has been doing all these weeks in Luke. Is making the religious leaders stand on uncertain ground. 

How many weeks have we been challenged to look at what sabbath means?  How many times have we been asked to sell everything we have and step out on faith?  How many times have we been asked to look for the treasures of heaven without bring told what they are?  All very shaky ground indeed. 

The thing is when I stand on the most uncertain ground I pray. I pray that I cannot do this alone. I pray to be shown the way forward. I pray that I surrender because I don't know it all. What this requires of me is to surrender. Isn't this the place where we are most often found?  Truly resting in God's most gracious arms in faith.