We all become lost at some point in our journeys.  Whether it is in our dead end jobs or in sickness or in our marriage we become lost and can't seem to find God in the midst of our lives.  Today Jesus tells a parable about being lost in Luke 15:1-10.  These parables are finished off by the Prodigal Son later in the chapter.  What this tells us though is even when we are lost God is trying desperately to find us or waiting patiently for us to find Him. 

My friend Isaac has a story about the figgy tree on the hospital compound in Lui.  It was blown over by a storm and the trunk lies sideways and uprooted from the ground.  It seems as though it should have died and yet...  Well let me tell Isaac's story.  "You see this figgy tree?  This is the figgy tree Jesus cursed.  Yet God planted around it and tilled the soil and we get all this fruit from this tree."  Even though the tree appears lost it yields an abundant harvest of figs.  So if God cares for the figgy tree how much more will he care for us on our own lost ways.