God weaves our lives together for a time
We experience our time as intertwined
and held in the bounds of sacred journey
As we listen, learn, and truly begin to know each other
Then comes the time where our journeys divert onto different paths
We live in different worlds separated by a continent, and ocean
Yet as we live together we are not so different
We are held together by Spirit, living a gospel in our lives
As we stand side by side, doing the work God has given us
Tilling the soil of friendship and love, working toward a goal
Laughing, eating, sharing, loving, surprised by God's unity
Not seeing all of the things which others do
That would keep us apart not daring to come to the waters
Of understanding and knowing each other in new ways
Because the gospel is proclaimed in how we walk
Whether we see with the eyes of different and other
Or whether we see the each as being created in the image of God
It is born in each of us, revealing the sacred chords of love
Plunging us deeper into the story of God's grace and mercy
Abounding in stories of hardship, challenge, and peace
Knowing we are intersecting in shared story for a time
And God smiles at the act of becoming one people
Involved in the sacred story of the ages
Listening at one another's fires and melded together
By the Spirit of God