God's love

God's love is steadfast.  It has held on through thick and thin, in our wanderings and in the wanderings of Israel.  This love has been there for centuries and yet we doubt it, put conditions on it, and think it is as finite as we are.

I was preparing my homily for a wedding on 1 Corinthians 13.  This chapter comes just after the chapter where Paul writes about spiritual gifts.  I think we get so caught up on the wonder of love being important we forget the chapter before.  I think it signifies just how short sighted we all get.  If the people of Corinth thought that one spiritual gift was more important than another, here is Paul to let them know we each have different gifts and not only that if things are done without love they mean nothing.  It hits me how long God has loved people and how long we think of loving someone and how insignificant that time is if we think of how long-suffering God's love is. 

God's love has lasted through ages and when we really come into contact with that thought it is amazing.  It is amazing how we don't take stock of it and treasure it.  Because God's love is the key through which everything becomes real.