Jesus asks us to evaluate the cost of discipleship (Luke 14:25-33).  I think we just sit back and ponder this, like there is some instant formula that comes and tells us whether we are disciples or not.  The thing is in Luke discipleship is a verb, it is in doing. 

When the robbery happened while we were in South Sudan there was a day where the carpenters didn't get fed supper and then awoke to no breakfast.  They didn't complain and still walked the mile to the job site, to a job where they were learning a marketable skill, and worked.  Their only pay is the meals provided and the skills they are learning.  Were they able to sit down and evaluate that being a disciple would mean no food for a few meals? 

Jesus wants us to be disciples by saying that there is a cost to discipleship.  We may not be able to evaluate and plan for it.  We just have to know the cost may be great.  The thing is it enriches our life and walk with God if we accept it. 

So the real question is what are you willing to sacrifice?  Maybe its time, money, or things whatever you decide to sacrifice there is a richness gained that comes not from having, but in the giving.  We never know what that is until we have actually acted on it though.  This is the call of discipleship.