A great divide

Today we have the scripture about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). The rich man dies and Lazarus who is a begger outside the rich mans door also dies. Lazarus is beside Father Abraham and the rich man is in Hades. The rich man wants a little water and wants Lazarus to bring it to him. This he communicates to Abraham. 

How wide is the divide between Lazarus and the rich man?  The rich man doesn't even try to communicate with Lazarus, but sends his message to Father Abraham. He doesn't really see Lazarus except in terms of him being lower than than himself. So he doesn't appeal to him directly and only treats him as Abraham's servant. 

How many times do we not truly see people as they are?  Can we really see the people around us?  People who might be hurting in the same ways we are. People who might be as joyful as we are. People who are experiencing the same stage in life as we are. 

If we truly take the time to see those in front of us we may actually get to see a treasure of heaven. This is what Jesus has been pushing towards in all of Luke. So here is a challenge today. Take one dollar and try to really see someone else. Give it to a charity, or help someone at the store who is short, or pay for the someone's coffee. Really try to see this person and where they are at and you may just get a glimpse of the Holy One in your midst.