Conversion from 13/08/13

Why do we still pray for others to be converted to the faith?  After all the years of colonialism and all the atrocities which happened we still ask to win souls on a mission trip.  As if our mission is only about that goal.  I hope we have deeper goals than that.

Doesn't Paul say our goal is to be transformed?  I mean what about our own conversion?  Do we go expecting that we have more to give out or do we go with the intention we may have things to learn?

Because the true Christian life is a series of conversions of self.  You hear something a new way - like a verse or a prayer or a hymn and it strikes a new thought within you about God, who God is and what your relationship to God is.  Isn't this the prayer we should ask for?

Because in the end our conversion should be a priority.  Because maybe if we live it the right way, expecting we can learn something, then someone just might see Christ in us.  Isn't that the true conversion?