Every part of life is fragile and requires a wisdom we acquire on our life's journey in order to walk faithfully. Today David is in trouble and non the run from king Saul. He also has to prove he is not a threat to foreign kings who are harboring him. So he acts as if he is mad. This way he receives protection from the one who wants to kill him and from one who might think his ambitions are a threat. 

Do we confront life in the same way?  We expect that God is always going to provide and protect us. We seem to forget that there are hard spaces where we need to use some wisdom in order to get through a rough patch. We may pray, ask for guidance, and know we are not alone but we also need to use our own wisdom. 

So many people think they just need to sit back and wait for God to do all the work. Then when their picture of prosperity, help, healing doesn't come they blame God for not intervening. Yes some things are hard to understand and explain. Yet we are never alone. This is why we have choices and minds to think. May we use them to go through life's journey v