difficult road

the road is hard and difficult
there are deep pitfalls and places
which seem to hold comfort
but they are not real
because within you find the sting
of hurts from the past drawn out

it is a comfort of a familiar place
but not a place to rest
danger is lurking near and needs
to be confronted head on
old habits need to change

the road to healing is difficult
you have to face all the things
you wanted to hold at arms length
resting in the comfort of the familiar
where the danger lurks in
burying all that is real

many have found comfort in hard places
on the road, they cry out to be noticed,
touched, made back into reality
we just have to reach out to the fellow traveler
as Jesus did on the road

never ignoring the cry for recognition
or those hiding amongst the crowd
in trees, in people, in the dust
because the healing journey is not done alone
it is done by reaching out from the hard path
and saying I am here