Holy listening

As I sit on the deck this morning I am hearing new sounds. So I listen more carefully look harder and try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. I read Kaze Gadway's blog about the young people she has taken to minister to the homeless and I hear about them seeing, hearing knew things. Being able to see people they most likely ignored before. 

I wonder if Jesus was just born with this ability to see the people who were unseeable. Like the children, the man and woman with withered limbs, the women, and the 5000. It seems he had this ability not to overlook anyone, even Zaccheus hiding up in the tree. His ability to see the unseeable made him popular too because we all yearn to be truly seen and known. 

May we take the time to see all of the treasures God has in store for us. May we have the ability to see and hear more deeply and dare to tread into sacred space.