My dad always taught us to slow down and notice things.  He always said to "stop and smell the roses".  Probably because we didn't know how much time we would have with him because of the Parkinson's.
I can remember him pointing out the sunsets at night or trying to get me to say "good morning" to him (I am not a morning person and even less so in my teens).  What I wouldn't give for one more of those encounters with him now that he is gone from this world.

I teach my children to look with those same eyes.  When they go for walks in the woods they turn to me to know the plants and animals, to educate them about how to survive in the woods.  Now that we have moved to a new state there is a lot I need to learn about the flora and fauna, but I still love to walk and notice every new thing.  Even the most insignificant, like when it rains the drops that form on the plants and how amazing it looks.

This is treasure, looking for these little glimpses of heaven and sharing them with my children.  I want them to know it is not the things of this earth that fill you.  Yes, they help us to live and support us in a consumer economy, but the things which last are these precious times of wonder and awe at what surrounds us.  This is even in our encounters with people on the way.  So take time today and find a treasure of heaven.  It lasts much longer than you can know.