Today I was going to write about my dad and then I stumbled on this poem.  It was written about a priest in the congregation where I was a secretary.  I think it fits very well for Father's Day because my dad had his own way of trying to impart wisdom because we didn't ever know how much time we had with him here.  My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when I was nine years old and he fought it for 25 years.  I still remember all those little times of wisdom shared. 

This is to Canon Charles Karsten

He walks around
   in various gowns
Imparting to one and all
   his wisdom of the ages

He reaches out
   his time of doubt
To span the years
   three times so dear

One on one
   here and there
Wanting to share
   this wisdom of the ages

Learning still and sharing
   putting to rest old news
Giving these away
   to make someone's day

He used to proclaim
   the word of God
Cheerful with
   treasures in store

Now he proclaims
   the body of Christ
To all who come
   and receive

He dares to share
   to show his care
To those still patient to hear
   his wisdom of the ages