I have heard Paul's writing of Galatians a bit the past few days.  When I think of being set apart from before I was born (Galatians 1:15) I can't help but think of all the other passages this reminds me of:  Jeremiah's call, the Psalmist and how this helped to direct their ministry even when they felt unworthy.  I think we see this as being set apart individually and away from community when that is not the point of the word apart.  I looked at the definition and it means not far from as the first definition.  We may feel set apart and called by God, but none of these callings are set apart - outside of the community they are in.  They may say things which make it apparent they are calling communities back into communion with God and the gospel message not wandering away from the community on their own.

We are set in a very individualistic society part of our good news for this age may be we need to be more community centered.  This is a radical change from the overall society which sees everyone taking care of their own needs and if they can't then they lack initiative.  We yearn as individual people to be connected to a much wider, broader whole.  When we are apart from that whole it leaves its mark, ask any child/youth who has been bullied in school. 

What ways are you called to bring recognition to the community you live in?  What ways would be helpful and life-giving to your community and how will you participate in those or foster and grow those?  There are so many good things to do and when we work in the community, I know I have found that I grow and receive blessing from the ones I serve.  When we lose our vision of community and only see ourselves as important than there is much we miss in the way of love and life.  Come and join the community with all its warts and problems and see what blessings await those set apart.