We so easily fall into the words that make us less than.  As we describe ourselves we most often use the words that put us down such as sinner, uneducated, or not pretty.  We truly doubt we are anything precious in this world.  We forget we all are made in God's image and we are loved. 

I think this is one of the hardest lessons we have in the Bible.  Whether it is the woman at the well - a woman, a Samaritan, a woman with how many husbands (John 4) or the blind man and the disciples classify him or his parents are the sinners of his deserved blindness (John 9).  We still haven't learned from either of those not to classify ourselves with labels others have given us.  We forget the woman at the well is the first one to show others Jesus in her town and many believed or that the blind man defends the man (Jesus) who healed him and is thrown out, deep inside he believes. 

We have a God who loves and created us, each unique and different, with different gifts to give to the body of Christ.  We don't have to wear the labels other people put on us.  Yet this is our struggle.  Can we recognize the holy which resides within us?  Can we trust God's love and confidence in us?  Because if we can start we may be those next people who show others the way on the path.  We don't have to be bold, but humble believers in our worth.