I am on the shore sitting as still as I can, like my father taught me, watching the swallows skim the surface of the lake for bugs.  Watching them they come closer and closer as I sit so very still.  It is a joy watching this carefully orchestrated ballet.  They dive and you can see the way the slow or dip or turn or glide in order to catch the bugs.  All this without actually crashing into the lake and totally going underwater which would kill them. 

I think of how Jesus says we are not to worry for what is provided from God (Matthew 6:25-26).  Watching these birds I can understand they don't worry if they crash and burn, occasionally there is a sound because someone has gotten into someone else's territory, nor do they worry that they haven't done the turn, slowing or gliding quite right they just do it.  It slows us down to watch it makes us release our own cares as we watch the dance of life skimming across the lake.

There is beauty and love right in front of us if we take the time to slow down and not concentrate on all that concerns or worries us.  Take time today to watch and look for ways to release worry and know that we are well provided for.