Finding home

I have been at the Festival of Homiletics until last night.  It felt like being at home.  Hearing all the preaching/lectures, singing together, worship, and meeting up with friends from seminary.  Eating together was also a part of this.  A brief glimpse into homecoming in a strange place.

Last night as I drove home and finally reached the sign that said "Welcome to Missouri"  I knew I was almost home.  What a relief after a long drive.  I am also anticipating the next few days and all the activities for my children with the end of school.

Homecoming has many different and varied pictures, places, and events that make it home for us.  We have been reading so much in Revelation lately about the old passing away and all things becoming new.  I think this is only another way of coming home.  Yet home isn't always in a certain specific place it only becomes home surrounded by the people you love.  Whether its seminarians at a convention or family home is where our deepest hope lies.  This is why the picture in Revelation of the healing of the nations at the tree and a place where there will be no more sorrows.  It is a hope for us to come together in peace, to come together in love, and to not weep from the loss of what we knew.

It is hard to imagine and yet the promise is there for us.  Do we recognize those places which bring us home, to a place of rest and peace and promise?  Let us keep our eyes open for these glimpses of the hopeful promise, which usher us into the kingdom of God.