One day walking in the woods I found these trees wound together.  They weren't of the same species and I was awed by the way they seemed to live a symbiotic relationship with one another.  One even had grown into the other supplying life with sap, drinking at the roots even sharing photosynthesis.  

How would it be if we looked at differences as something that feeds each other.  We are so polarized in our society by taking sides we forget to look at each other as human.  As even being a gift from God to each other.  We need to not look at each other as throw away and not valid if they articulate a different opinion.  

These trees certainly seemed to mirror this  living in union with one another even though they are so different.

Trees twined together
A treasure and comedy in the woods
Pine and poplar
Pine strong and straight
Poplar wound round
How did you root together?
So close, touching each other,
Touching into one another
Grown into the other
One twining reaching for the sun
Til split, your branches raised to the light
Round the robust pine of the forest

Two as one and yet so different
Barks different
One dark and rough
One light and smooth
Yet joined in life
Reaching toward the creator
Side by side
Wound in the dance
Of life