I am taken aback by reading several responses to offers of prayer for the folks in Moore, Ok.  We seem to have become so polarized as a society that we have to attack the person offering the prayers and we loose sight of the people who have been so deeply affected by this tragedy.  Shame on us! 

In Luke 13:10-17 Jesus heals a stooped woman on the Sabbath and all the religious leaders can focus on is the law of whether or not this is legal to do.  They loose sight of the woman and all this has meant to hear.  We never hear her speak, nor do we know her reaction to being heal because of this.  How sad she is left in the shadows at the back as Jesus and the Pharisees debate legality. 

The same happened in this post.  Everyone is busy debating the legality of the person offering the prayer and the people who have lost home, lives, loved ones, everything they own are put into the background.  They are not important anymore.  Again shame on us! 

I was listening to a commentary about torture that was done at Gitmo by a member of the Irish Republican Army.  He said it is a shame we never look at our past and learn the mistakes we made there and we continue to perpetuate them.  I think we need to look at Jesus words and remember we are forgetting those most in need and only thinking of ourselves.  What does that have to tell us about our future as the church?