Yesterday we read Luke 5:1-11 the story of Jesus teaching from Peter's fishing boat because the crowds were too big to stay on land.  Then comes the invitation to Peter from Jesus to try fishing again even though they had already tried and caught nothing.  Peter does try even though he doubts they will catch anything and the nets come up too full for one boat.  With this miraculous catch Peter realizes who Jesus is and says he is unworthy to be a disciple.  Yet Jesus says he is and extends the invitation to follow him.

Unworthy, we all have ways of determining someones worth or even our own worth.  We don't see the image of God in all, most times, or in ourselves.  Who gets to determine our worth?  Do we leave it up to others to tell us?  Do we step out in faith to recognize all people are worthy?  Do we have a set of standards others have to live by first?  Here in this story it doesn't matter what Peter says, Jesus says for Peter not to worry about those standards, the way others measure sin and righteousness he is worthy. 

Somewhere in our lives we loose the gift of knowing that we are God's.  I know people who work with those who have lost the knowledge they are made in God's image and precious.  The wonderful thing about these people is they see under all the exterior things we put up in order to fit the image others have thought, said, or treated us into being.  They see God even under all the protective armor people put up.  This is a gift to the people they serve.  We all need to be seen as God's children and to be treated that way. 

Worthiness is not something others can determine for us.  God is the only judge of our worthiness.  It doesn't mean we keep living as if our lives have never been touched by the glimpse of how God sees us, it does mean when we get this insight we determine to live up to the image God sees in us.  It calls us to hard work in shedding all the layers and years of the false image we live under.  If we can start to work on transforming this image then we are made new by God.  This is hard work it is not easy, but when we take the challenge of this in our lives we can change ourselves and others and God is in the midst of us.