Encounters with the holy

Easter reminds us there are so many opportunities in our lives to encounter the holy.  The stories remind us of this so much.  Whether we are reading about the encounter on the Emmaus road or with the disciples fishing, or when he appears in the upper room Jesus makes an ordinary day an extraordinary encounter. 

Do we open our eyes today expecting that we might have an encounter in our own ordinary lives?  All we have to do is become more aware:  listen and observe more carefully what is happening around us.  If we open ourselves to the knowledge that any encounter we have may bring us to see Jesus, we might live with a different expectation of what is to come in our lives. 

God doesn't leave us alone and adrift.  If we become more attuned to it will we see that God is right in front of us.  Journeying on the road, having supper with us, maybe even recognize God in the breaking of bread.  Its that simple.