Earth day

My daughter celebrates Earth day today by going to a conservation area.  This poem is very appropriate and was written after I saw someone throw the drink container on the ground as they were walking.  I think some of our picture of taking care of the earth is intertwined with the picture we have of ourselves in this world.  Unless we address the first we cannot fully explain the other.

The container crashes to the ground.
Such a simple act done with such violence.
Displaying I am not loved,
I am not cared for
Who really cares?
Yet in this simple act you see,
the violence we do to creation
Where we don't notice the ground we tread.
We accept that we don't care for the earth.
And do rape the land stripping it bare.
It doesn't matter, someone else will take care.
But we are the someone else,
we and our children's, children's, children.
If we don't realize the value of the love,
given to us and poured out to make our lives
Comfortable, easily, and freely given
We don't know the love which is on the wind
Water, waves, surrounding us saying
"Child you are deeply loved"
Now can we feel that love and give it back
Embracing Earth and picking up the containers
We have bashed to the ground
Showing our lack of recognition
Of Mother in our lives