airport spirituality

So, the glimpse of the holy in everyday life happened throughout my whole day yesterday.  We were stuck in the airport for hours because of a delay and having to reschedule a flight.  So I do what I love to do, observe people because this is where the glimpses of the holy happen. 

Little children - caught up in their own worlds walking along in their own game until, all of the sudden, they notice you observing or getting to close to their world and the shyness because two worlds have collided.  There is a reason Jesus says we must become like children.  Watching them, in their own world they are brave, wild with abandon in their ideas and play, bold and they don't care if someone is watching.  Until the worlds collide (adult and child) then it is like they know they are supposed to be more aware of how they act and the others influence or collision takes away all that childlike boldness.  Imagine what we might do if we adopted that boldness with ideas we have about the kingdom of God?  What more might we accomplish if we weren't held back by what others think?  What beauty might come out of what we could do?

The other observance was in connections:  whether it was the mother whose son said "I take good care of you, mom." or the man talking to everyone he met or the stewards/ess who through their communication showed how deep their friendship was.  These connections of the human family are how we should be acting towards all.  The lonely man was reaching out in friendship and some people did not appreciate the connection made into their space and all he was being was friendly.  I think sometimes we have become so guarded in our safety we don't know how to read people.  How to let go and let the Spirit take over.  Like the young woman who was serving us - cleaning up at the restaurant and as we went to leave I dropped something on the floor and we both went to reach for it, then she and I slowed down as not to bump heads, I said "Don't worry I won't bump your head." and she laughed.  You could see her defenses come down in that one moment, just as they did with the lonely man at the table.  She knew how to read her surroundings when to let her defenses up and when to let her guard down to enjoy life and the people around her.

Where do you see God today?