Spirit Journey Youth Day One

Spirit Journey youth and two pastors

Day One-What a day!  Such fun with new friends.  First breakfast at Myrtles, which was a great time with a lot of laughing and enjoying southern offerings such as biscuits and sausage gravy.  Then we were off to worship together with Morning Prayer.  We dropped by the Black River Coliseum and visited the "Stand Down" day for the homeless and learned a lot of valuable information on dressing and tips for job interviews.  Then out to Wal-Mart for some forgotten items and to fill the fridge with breakfast items.  We had a little fun there with the Halloween costumes.  Check out Facebook for those pics.  Then this afternoon was all about finances:  Linda Bush led balancing a checkbook; Anna Miller led creating a budget and shopping and avoiding impulse buying in Wal-Mart.  Then this evening we had a kitchen full of salad makers, bread, pasta, and San Francisco pork chop makers.

I think what makes this the most fun is laughing together and enjoying fellowship with one another.  We became a temporary family today.  Isn't that what the body of Christ is about.  We should be an extended family one to another and yet there are some who say that this family is limited.  What we do is shut out God's love in our life and experiences of God's love and laughter with one another.  When we sit down and break bread together we become a part of something bigger.  Jesus did that all over the place in Galilee and Bethany.  He still comes to sit among us today.  Will we open that door to truly experience all of God's family?